Our Vision

Our Vision

The VISION of Freedom Worship Center is to help people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds form a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. To this end we have established churches, community groups, youth ministries, local outreaches, national and international missions to further the gospel of Christ. We strive to reach this goal through the three 'E's:

Evangelism - Sharing the Word of God with people of all ages, creeds, denominations and backgrounds is our ultimate goal. Our vision is that FWC will reach as many people as posible with the message of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Education - Knowledge is power. By educating people about God's plan for their life they gain a deeper and more routed relationship with Christ. As we learn more we grow in Christ together, through community groups, Bible studies and church services.

Empowerment - Giving people positions in the ministry helps them find purpose and responsibility. It also allows them to reach out to new people, just starting their relationship with Christ.




Church services are a crucial part of the FWC Vision. Each Sunday we come together to worship, fellowship, learn and grow in our relationship with Christ and each other.



A more personal setting, Community Groups are a great way to grow our knowledge of God and fellwoship with freinds and family. Groups can meet anywhere: a living room, coffee shop or park. Whatever works, community groups focus on our interpersonal relationship with God and other Christians.



The next big thing will come from the up-and-coming generation. Our Vision is to impart on the youth of our community and our world the stable foundation they will need to face tomorrow. By teaching youth about Christ from infantsy through earlyl college, we give them hope for tomorrow and eternity.



In Luke 10:30-37 Jesus tells us a parable of a man who was robbed and beaten. Both a priest and Levite passed the man and did nothing. But then a foreigner came and helped the man. He took care of all his needs until he was able to take care of himself again. Likewise, we are to help our neighbors in need and not just those inside the church walls. Local outreaches are designed to help people in our community by supplying food and clothing to their families.



It is our goal to take the VISION of the Church of the Living God Association world wide. We believe that God leads people to many different areas and to many different places. We hope that as our church grows we will not only send missionaries, but support other mission works throughout the world.